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Ventilated facades

The hinged ventilated facade is a modern house cladding system that includes several important functions for exterior decoration, insulation, and protection of walls from natural influences. With significant durability, structural strength, and a large selection of facing materials, ventilation facades can radically change the appearance of modern buildings for many years. The use of hinged facade systems allows not only to reduce heat losses “several times”, but also to give a modern look to the reconstructed buildings.

Ventilated facades have many indisputable advantages that have determined their current popularity:

  • Thermal insulation of walls – significantly reducing losses and, accordingly, heat consumption during the heating season.
  • The heating of the building walls from the sunny side is reduced.
  • Reliable soundproofing – cuts out sounds of the city
  • Weather protection – this increases the life of the outer walls of houses and buildings
  • The simplicity of design and installation – the entire subsystem and fasteners are designed to the smallest detail. Ventilated facade is assembled as a constructor.
  • Long service life – depending on the metal grade of the subsystem and facing material, the service life of ventilated facades is at least 50 years!
  • The system can be installed at any time of the year – neither the subsystem nor the facing material depends on the air temperature. The absence of “wet” processes allows the installation of a ventilated facade all year round!
  • High level of fire safety – ventilated facades have been assigned the fire hazard class of building structures KO (non-fire hazardous)
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